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How can Altatech help your business?

If you are looking for IT support or IT services in Miami, Altatech is there for your business. At first glance, it might be easy to dismiss the benefits that a computer consultant can offer your organization’s bottom line. We encourage you to look a bit closer. A managed service provider’s main objective is to perform the preventative maintenance needed in efforts to prevent an outage. Have you ever visited a small business and the person at the front desk says, “Sorry, our systems are down, can you come back later?” This is a frustrating experience both for the business owner and the consumer. Now more than ever, consumers can magnify a business’s shortcomings on social media. This means your outage could be announced to the world. A study was conducted by the Ponemon Institute in 2016 suggesting that enterprises ranging from small to large can lose up to an average of $8,850 per minute during technology outages. The best way to prevent this costly downtime is to partner with a trusted managed service provider like Altatech. Miami residents and particularly business owners in the Kendall suburb have trusted the experts at Altatech to care for the safety, security and continuity of their technical services. With all angles of your technology stack being proactively monitored and maintained by Altatech, you can focus on what your business does best: Sales. Altatech specializes in providing businesses with the following services:

Virtualized Desktop Cloud Expansions & Integrations Systems Monitoring Wireless Networking General Consulting for IT Services Our main goal it help your business stand out among the rest while providing superb IT services in Miami Dade’s metropolitan area. Let’s look a bit closer at how your business can gain value from these services. Virtualized Desktop One of the most popular trends in desktop computing is the roll out of virtualized desktop. Imagine giving your employees the ability to securely work from anywhere in the world, using any internet connected device. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose Altatech as your computer consultant. With virtual desktop, you won’t be scrambling to make costly desktop computer upgrades every 3-5 years. In fact, our team of expert systems engineers can perform all of the system upgrades, Windows Updates and 3rd party patch management services remotely without any service interruptions to your end users. Cloud Integrations It’s hard to go anywhere without hearing about “The Cloud.” This revolutionary technology allows businesses to migrate their infrastructure and software into cloud-connected that data centers that ensure your business always has access to its data. Think about the old way of building and supporting IT infrastructure. Businesses had to acquire office space that had a server room that contained expensive environmental controls. Outside of this, they often paid full time employees to monitor these services during business hours. What about when no-one is in the office? With the cloud, many of these concerns are already addressed as businesses can buy services on an as-needed basis. For example, if you need another server, you can buy a virtual server in the cloud for an hourly rate. Compare this with the old method of ordering a physical server from Dell or HP, racking the server, configuring the network on the server and continuously monitoring the underlying hardware of the server. Cloud gives Miami businesses an edge over their competitors because it allows you to expand and contract your IT footprint at a predictable cost. Systems Monitoring & IT Support When you continuously add IT services into your business, how do you know that they are being monitored properly? After all, if a system isn’t working properly, who would be the person responsible for seeing the errors? Better yet, who has the expertise to fix the errors with minimal impact to your line of business applications? Altatech has helped Kendall business owners as an IT company service. We assist in demystifying these questions while finding answers that generate value and profit. When your systems are monitored appropriately, issues such as cyber threats, vulnerabilities and critical failures can be addressed by your IT company service before the impact is apparent to your customers. Wireless Networking Have you ever thought about hiring a managed service provider to install free WiFi at your restaurants? Altatech specializes in providing secured wireless networking solutions for businesses as well as their consumers. Naturally, many restaurant owners ask us about how they can safely provide free WiFi at their restaurants. Perhaps you have a waiting room in your office and you’d like to provide your customers with a way to join the internet rapidly? Altatech can install a secure and reliable WiFi service that is built with your requirements in mind. General Consulting for IT Services Making an IT mistake can be costly. When you think about all of the things your business must do on a daily basis, it can be helpful to have an IT expert in your corner. Before you make your next big technology investment, contact the trusted professionals at Altatech. They can provide your business with a free consultation and give you an honest assessment of what it will take to help your business achieve its technology endeavors.

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